A labret piercing to the side of one's bottom lip instead of the traditional center.
by Innyn January 12, 2007
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a peircing that goes through a lip. makes kissing pretty nice ;)
i kissed a girl with a vertical labret and it was nicer than kissing a girl without one...
by Shtoink April 30, 2007
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A piercing on the labret
Person: "I have a peircing on my labret. Therefore it is a labret piercing. I think I will pull the ring out of my lip and laugh as I bleed profusely."
by Evil October 19, 2003
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A lip piercing on both sides, much like a labret. This peircing actually travels through one's lip (like the name implies) vertically.
vertical labret double vertical labret
by Anon C June 25, 2009
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