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Lab report hell is a place where univeristy students are sent when they are taking pre-med, double science or engineering degrees, or any combination thereof. Essentially what occurs is that due to a lack of communitication between the respective departments the student is enrolled in, each department assumes its students only have lab work to do for their department, and accordingly assigns a healthy amount of lab work to supplement the lectures. However, since EACH department does this, it results in the multi-department student being assigned twice to three times as much lab work as is reasonably possible to complete while still enjoying a healthy amount of sleep nightly, let alone any modicum of a personal life.

The greatest tragedy in being sent to lab report hell is that an otherwise respectable student is left selfishly regretting their choice not to blow their parent's money on a liberal arts degree.
Lab report hell can be induced by:
Taking Biology and Chemistry instead of Biochem.
Taking Physics and Chemistry instead of Phys/Chem.
Taking Engineering and Physics instead of Eng/Phys.
Taking Pre-Med courses instead of Sociology.
by JGibbs September 23, 2010
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