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Kymaka is a caring, beautiful, intelligent girl, she gives to those in need. There is no one else like her. She is a great best friend, but an even better girlfriend when she loves someone she'll devote alot of her time for them. But kymaka can become over obsessive and be a bit of a yandere girl. Kymaka has very sexy legs.
Your girlfriend is a kymaka your lucky!
by Tanny June 14, 2018
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A Kymaka is a sexy thang and a strait up prostitute. She can use her so called "powers" to make even more money when doing her job. But she likes her men partly black and with a big cock . So if you don't meet these standards then you cut be with the sexy mighty Kymaka
Damn! That Kymaka is banging!!!
Sorry, I am a Kymaka not a pesent, if your not black I can't date you.
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Kymaka is a sexy chick, and likes guys that are named Raymond and Aaron. She is vary shy but not in bed. She loves guys that have long hair and loves to choke on the 🍆
Damn Kymaka, where you get all the ass from?
What up Kymaka, I heard you good to in bed, can you be my teacher?
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