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Kymaka is very beautiful young girl, very smart and intelligent girl. At first you’ll see her as the very Quiet girl that never talks, when you get to know her, she’s like whole different person!! She’s weird, funny and Cheers you up really quick!!
If you have a Kymaka in your life, try becoming best friends with them like I am!! It’s gonna be your best Decision ✨
When you are her friend

You: hey Kymaka!! Wanna come out to eat tomorrow?

Kymaka: No, I’m fine

When your her best friend

You: Ky! Wanna come out to eat with us tomorrow?

Kymaka: Alright!! I’ll go !
by Lana the magic man July 22, 2018
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Kymaka is a caring, beautiful, intelligent girl, she gives to those in need. There is no one else like her. She is a great best friend, but an even better girlfriend when she loves someone she'll devote alot of her time for them. But kymaka can become over obsessive and be a bit of a yandere girl. Kymaka has very sexy legs.
Your girlfriend is a kymaka your lucky!
by Tanny June 14, 2018
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