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Typically loves music and comes out on top when put to a challenge is a womanizer and true hustler. Kylon' s always have pretty independent girls and is a true romantic but however if you piss them off you will get your ass beat.
by Kingknowles July 14, 2015
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The best basketball player ever. He will do whatever he have to do to make money. He is nice and the best person to call on when u need help
Kylon is the best in fortnite
by Kylon July 25, 2018
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Kylon. He's a caring, funny and nice person. He's cute and when you see him your heart melts and you get nervous. When he shows you love it gives you a thousand butterflies in your stomach and makes you grow the widest smile on your face. Although, he might not be the most loyal person. That doesn't mean he's not loving.

Kylon's silly and he has the cutest smile. He hates negativity, and when he's sad he doesn't want to talk about it, and if your the wrong person and try to force it out of him he gets irritated. Kylon isn't someone who gets mad a lot most of the time he just get's irritated.

Kylon befriends everybody and when you get to know him you just want to be his best friend.

If you are his best friend or just close to him you are a very very lucky person.
Kylons the goat.
by Kylon's favorite person. June 08, 2019
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