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n.(kah-wab-it)cabit a hybrid commbination of rabbit and felinecat. the breed exibits a feline anatomy with the hind bone structure of a rabbit,along with facial markings
feet and hair entirely exclusive to rabbits.
creatures exibit rabbit motions such as hopping and face washing.kwabbits are most unique in their upright walking and motions using the hind legs,sitting upright while playing,watching,stalking and interacting with humans
the kwabbit is known for menecing curiority, acrobatic and fearless leaps of unusual length and height.
the rabbit gene is only passed on the maternal side all kwabbits are exclusivly female and can produce kwabbit off spring with out the mating with a rabbit.
kwabbits have a desire and attraction to water.
kwabbits bond physically with a preferance to one individual
by Maureen Malm February 06, 2008
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