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1. When reffered to a woman - a foxy chick.

2. When refered to a man - a woos or wimp. Also means gay.

Kusit is Hebrew slang derived from the Arabic Kus (or koos) meaning "cunt"

plural - kusiot
1. Check out the bod on that kusit

2. C'mon ya kusit, I dare you to...

Pl. Lissen'up kusiot, give me 30 pushups, 2 laps around the track and another 30. GO!
by El Duderino March 16, 2005
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used as a plethora of extremely nice adjectives especially when italicized and placed next to a compliment about a traveling fedora.
"you're a real kusit. great compolation. and another great hat!!!"
by elisajustus May 27, 2008
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