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Enourmous shambling drunkard with a big beard and likes carlsberg special. cant type to savew his fucking livfe
"wow, you're such a fucking kupfer man!"

"Fuck yorej manewifn!!"
by kupfer October 09, 2004
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n. Half man, Half beast. We all have a friend like them. Toenails alittle hectic, beard always long and uneven. Children fear of being eaten. KEGS fear of being tapped. A kupfer can be spotted at any party where there are winebags being chugged, and chugees being hit deaf. You will always spot a Kupfer 95% of the time under a bubbling, upside-down bottle.
"Dude you went Kupfer-mode last night"
"oy! ive spotted a wild Kupfer over yonder! If you look closely, you can see a flcok of claifornia quails who have laid nest in the pajamas that kupfer has been wearing for 3 months!
by squitorious August 30, 2011
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