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Eating and drinking to surfeited collapse. Coined in Osaka, Japan, where small groups of people aimlessly wander the city at night, stopping in at random resturants and sidewalk vendors for food/drink and then quickly moving on to a new location. It is considerably more adventerous and far less creepy than its diseased American cousin "Bar Hopping", and therefore is vastly superior. The art has been symbolized by the somewhat-famous Osaka Clown, standing as proudly as a clown can in front of a banner that was translated to me as "Eat until you are dead".

Kuiadore is a beautiful psuedo-sport that I hope the world adopts, and is a very good example of how fun Osakans are (especially when compared to the rest of Japan).
Osakans invented Kuiadore, and they are awesome people for it.
by Kyle Drake August 29, 2007
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