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The feeling or pain in your stomach that you have before taking a big shit. Most often this affliction occurs at the most inopportune time ie. long rides or during a staff meeting.

Internal Symptoms include severe pressure to the anal area and a large grumbling sound.

External Symptoms - persons suffering from krumpt will often walk in a hurridly fashion and will more often than not be unable to stand straight up. They will be bent at the hips
You could tell that guy was krumpt by the way he was walking.

Pull over at the next rest stop. I am krumpt!
by Dr. Noonan August 06, 2012
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A mental state one enters after consumption of more than their fair share of alcohol
Dick was so krumpt last night he walked home in figure 8's and slept in his yard.
by Machismo August 14, 2006
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