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Kruhstaz pronounced kr-uh-stuhz is a word used by the playaz and the pawhustlas in Tulsa Ok to describe a person that wants to be one. Kruhstaz got this name because they purchase their "bling" in the machines by the door at the CiCis pizza buffet that despense the little plastic case with the ghetto jewelry inside. The machines are next to the ones with the sparkly stickers. Pawhustlas purchase the materials to construct their high quality bling at a midtown dollar general that used to be a Buds Grocery store. It takes hours to make but if you are ever at a Taco Bueno and you see a bright light from across the room its the pawhustlaz and the real Tulsa playaz in their shinny hand made bling eating know how they ROLL! -akc (spokeswoman for the pawhustlas)
Watch where you lookin Kruhstaz!!!


All yall is such Kruhstaz!!!!
by anna August 03, 2004
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