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Similar to crud.
A substitute for the word crap, or something described as crusty and nasty.
Krudd refers specifically to the tasty ear wax of Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd.
by SLLSS November 27, 2007
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Alternative name for the leader of the Australian communist party (aka Labor Party) and Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd.
kevin rudd
Krudd is a dick, he will destroy this country
by Johnny Howard April 22, 2008
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A quantity of cash (see pony, monkey) of value 900 dollars. A government handout. Dropping money from helicopters.

Derived from krud and Rudd - Prime Minister of Australia who is responsible for the economic stimulus handout.
Hey dude, you been stimulated yet? I got me krudd in the mail today...sweet
by IvebeenStimulated April 30, 2009
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