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Tall and handsome, this young heartthrob is irresistible with his nice brown eyes and gorgeous smile.

His sexy accent will get you going. The perfect mixture of arabian and lebanese. Just enough to give you a little taste of middle-eatern couscous. mmm sexy

The feel of his hard to the touch, dark, chestnut hair will remind you of that crispy bacon you burnt this morning. But Kriko won't burn his bacon. He's a good chef. You most certainly want him in your kitchen. Specialty: cooking chocolate covered elephant nipples. naked. yum.

And don't even get me started on that hot bod. The way he hides those chunky legs in his sweatpants... makes my milk curdle :)
Girl 1: omg is that kriko?

Girl 2: yeah! isnt he so sexy? i love getting my hands stuck in his hair. you cant get that special arab gel in canada!

Girl 2: omg yahhh eh?
by Brisa13 January 28, 2013
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