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comes from the word "kindling," which means "easily combustible material for starting a fire," according to Merriam-Websters Dictionary. Can also be said as just BLANG, being thrown into any random conversation to mean whatever you choose. When pronouncing krem-blang, make sure to put a lot of extra emphasis on the "blang."
Example 1
person 1: Could you go collect some kindling for the fire?
person 2: krem-blang?
person 1: no, kindling.
person 2: That's what i said, krem-blang.

Example 2
person 1: that song is off the hook mane, BLANG!
person 2: yeah blang, I blang love blang that blang song blang!
person 1: Blang.
by Mike Hunt March 15, 2005
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