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Kreana is the most amazing woman that I have ever encountered. She's smart, crazy, funny, courageous and athletic. Not only is Kreana incredibly sexy but her beauty is beyond that of anything you have ever seen. Her beautiful beach eyes and her incredible smile will leave you memorized. Kreana is all around breathtaking and without a doubt made by Aphrodite herself. She will love you unconditionally. She will never cheat on you, hurt you or lie to you. She will do anything to make her man happy and will stand by his side no matter what the circumstances are. Others girls are intimidated because Kreana is irresistible to all the guys but they’re all out of luck cause there is only one special guy that has her eye. Not only is Kreana an incredible lover but she is the best friend that you could ever ask for. She's naturally a brunette but occasionally acts like a blonde. She can be goofy and very playful but can be aggressive at times. Kreana’s not easily agitated but when she gets angry its best to approach with caution. She strives for perfection, she knows exactly what she wants and won’t let anything stand in her way. She is very protective over family and friends and is extremely territorial over the one that she loves. Kreana is always confident, reliable, self assured and never intimidated. If you have the love of a Kreana don’t gamble with it because it’s not worth losing the best feeling in the world.
by hitch1986 December 21, 2013
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