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Aka, kennedy pool. Over-staffed and under-estimated.

Located in eastpointe, michigan. Slow days are filled with various runs to fast food chains and unnecessary water gun fights.

The biggest excitements of the summer include the ever so popular racist accusation, the occasional save in the diving well to a person who swears they can swim, and the after-hours staff party; a time to break every rule possible while competing for the best battle wound of the night.

If you are familiar with kpool, you can find humor/enjoyment in the following:
lobster shorts, suislide, cosmo, The Glass Office, rentals, bad-butt night, ghetto-fied stand 3, WALK PLEASE, "PG", yellow pages and the grassy noel.
Don't forget to hit up taco bell before you go to kpool.
by Proud LG. August 21, 2008
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