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a general term that can be used in quite a couple scenarios. 1.Mainly used for the action of smoking marijuana.2.To pass something to another, or get something for someone. 3. Used as an exclamation in place of cool, sick, sweet, etc.
1. "Dude, i got some bud, you trying to kouf?
2. "My man, kouf me those chips. I'm hungry.
3. Them titties was nice... kouf.
by Longshanks McGiven March 07, 2008
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The correct spelling for "koof". At Wall High School, it mean "just kidding" or "psych". There are verbal koufs and physical koufs. Verbal koufs are executed by making a person believe a statement that is not true. Physical koufs are executed by making someone flinch. If you touch someone during a physical kouf, the intended koufee gets 2 free punches in the koufers shoulder. At the end of a correctly executed kouf, you are then allowed one slap on the back off the Koufees neck.
Verbal Kouf- "Yo dawg, wanna hang tonight." "YEAH DUDE!" " "NAH, i don't want to hang with you, KOUF!", Koufer proceeds to slap koufee on the back of the neck***.

Physical Kouf- Throws fake punch***, koufee flinches***, "KOUF!", Koufer proceeds to slap koufee on the back of the neck***.
by SierraEchoAlphaLima January 01, 2011
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A slapping noise. Its mostly made during extremely fast and rough sex, because of the hips slapping against the butt. Happens mostly when the girl is on top. It can also happen when two or more shirtless guys hit their chests together in midair, which can be seen as gay to onlookers, but is a gesture of manliness and accomplishment.
Sean: Dude the village bicycle was koufing so fucking loud last night it kept me awake.
by bass69 August 28, 2007
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