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Someone who survives on cookies and popsicles. A koomi can have the occasional urge to grind up and eventually consume people who do not obey something the koomi says. Koomis seem to have an attraction to fish and turtles and might keep them as pets. Koomi comes from the latin root "koomikoomi". Koomikoomi has not been known to have been used by any well known famous person, except maybe someone named Leah. Koomis have been know to wear flying shoes.
The boy pointed to the girl buying a fish/turtle/meat grinder/cookie/popsicle hybrid wearing shoes with wings, and asked the tree (as this boy's best friend was actually a tree), "Is that a koomi?"
The tree responded, "Yes. If you couldn't notice that, then you need to read the urbandictionary definition again."
by j0h Flippy June 19, 2007
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