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expression used by hippie kids at Green Mountain College. It's the best way to locate friends in the woods at night.
person one: hey dude where'd Brent go?
person two: I dunno man let's koo-wee to him.

person one & person two: KOO-WEE!!

Brent: KOO-WEE!!

person one & person two: yeah they KOO-WEE'd us back he'll be ok.

Person one: let's spark this j and keep walkin'
by mermaid_face August 20, 2009
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Koowee is the ultimate description of koo. Koo is cooler than 'cool' but used the same way as 'cool'. Koo and Koowee were both invented by the koo kids
...Someone says sumthin that is very koo
...The other person says "Koowee!"
...Coz they r koo kids
ok thankyou
by ThE kOo KiDs April 28, 2006
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