Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees.

Japanese word.
*In the forest*
Person: "Wow, look at the komorebi."
by eohruoy April 19, 2016
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sunlight filtering through trees

origin: japan
"the forest scenery featured komorebi that was breathtaking in any way; if i were not riding my bike to the grocery, i couldve gazed at it for hours."
by aImondmiIk June 21, 2019
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in the Cardistry comunity there is a cardistry brand called "komorebi" they have a very distinkt style. They make there decks and vids intentinaly "bad" and thats what makes them cool. they published a cardistry video called "thats so komorebi" and you can say that fraise when someone dose something that is simular to somezhing komorebi did like a deck design or just the world "awful" witch is a deck by them.
frend: dude that was awful
u: dude thats so komorebi
by Gay = funny January 3, 2022
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