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The "Kociuba" family name originates from Ukrainian decent. They tend to be unknowingly selfish and stubborn, more than slightly OCD and in need of control of their surroundings. Self-awareness is key for a Kociuba to break out of these Kociuba traits. They tend to believe they can do everything on their own, and to some degree, this is true. They are self-sufficient and independent individuals. They can be somewhat of a player and this is not a gender specific characteristic. They are better looking than they know, though, and can be self-conscious at times. They love powerfully and when they do not meet their own high standard of care, they are very critical of themselves. They can yell, too, like a dinosaur giving birth to a roaring T-rex. It is incredibly not upset a Kociuba.
"Man, that Kociuba girl is hot."
"Yeah...she's out of my league."

"Don't make Kociuba mad or else."
by neeiswhathecalledme June 18, 2017
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