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Said as if one word, it means "Do you understand what I mean?" but during the peak of its use it ended up midway through many sentences and regressed into having no meaning whatsoever (i.e. similar to the Canadian "eh?").

Original meaning: "We're just chillin' down at Lawrence and Ellesmere, knowwhatimsayin?"
Peak use: "There's this cat, knowwhatimsayin, he brings three gats to the block party, knowwhatimsayin, and he's got beef with one crew, knowwhatimsayin, etc."
by Stinknuts November 30, 2007
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I got nothin to say but I'm hoping you don't know this
ya know? I ain't gots nuthin tuh say, ya know? I jess be flappin ma lips, know what I'm sayin?
by tejasbullet December 27, 2007
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The phrase gangsters say (usually on MTV Cribs) when they show/tell you something, not even they understand.
Gangster: I got the surround sound, the Mp3 hook ups, and the tv that comes out of the bed, ya Know what I'm sayin'?
by urbangenius10703 August 25, 2007
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