Salutation, meaning "Peace," accompanied by the raising of the index finger with the first "knowledge" and the raising of the index, middle and ring finger for the second "knowledge." These hand gestures are like the form of the lines inside of the circle in a peace sign.
Robby: What's up, dun?

Gary: Knowledge Knowledge, boy (with accompanying hand gesture.)
by Hott Nickelz May 14, 2009
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cosmological/higher-self-knowledge or knowledge of self derived by deep introspection, uninhibited creative self-expression or spiritual work and study commonly employing the practice of meditation, the use of marijuana/ganja as holy sacrament or the shamanic use of psychedelic drugs to attain deeper inter-dimensional spiritual insight into the nature and character of one's esoteric essence and the latent capabilities thereof

The concept of self-knowledge or knowledge of self has been propagated by numerous sources over the ages: we have the Egyptian-schooled Greek's aphorism "know thyself", the notion of knowledge of self spoken of in Islamic teachings based off the Koran passage, "He who knows himself knows God," and then there is the popular use of the term "self-knowledge" that was reportedly introduced into hip-hop culture by the Five Percenters (a splinter faction of the Nation of Islam founded by Clarence 13X, a former student of Malcolm X) that became known as the fifth element of hip-hop among the other four (1. graffiti, 2. MCing, 3. b-boying/girling, 4.DJing).
Blessed with the wisdom of self-knowledge/knowledge of self ol' boy be spitting some conscious shit.
by Brenian Swift February 15, 2019
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