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One who claims they know a lot about a subject but in fact all they know is information they have read from a magazine, google or recycled from friends and has limited personal experience in the subject. A knowledge fraud often regards their "knowledge" higher than someone with experience in the subject and is typically egotistical. A knowledge fraud will sometimes try to dominate a conversation with someone that happens to be more experienced in the topic and will unwittingly embarass themselves and be caught out as a knowledge fraud. Sometimes responds to a question with "why dont you just google it"
"Hey Chris, haven't seen you in ages, i heard you are into turntablism"
"yeah i can scratch like a mofo"
"me too, i want one of those new innofade crossfaders for my mixer"

"no you want a vestax mixer, you dont want to mix analogue and digital with that"
" i want an you even know what i'm talking about? your a knowledge fraud bro"
by Slim Piknz November 27, 2009
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