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1- a type of oral sex performed on a male in which his genitalia is inserted between the recipient's cheek and teeth.
This is performed preferably with her teeth still shut and with the bottom of the penis riding against the teeth and the top of the penis against the inner cheek.

Obviously it must occur at a 90 degree angle.


1- a Tactical Ops - Assualt on Terror clan (group) originated in 2000 by NGL_BrSH, NGL_BLKSTN, and NGL_FERNALD at the University of Maine Orono.

Matured into many members through five years it existed.
Competed on originally on Clanbase and then later on Nato-ladder for it's better run North American competition.

Eventually won first place on the ladder after defeating AZNP at their own map (TO-Rapidwaters). Defended the title for months.

Most share the feelings that knoggle was fun and competitive unlike lots of clans that could never put the two together successfully.
"Dude, she bent over and knoggled me for hours!"

"knoggle is ownage!"
by NGL_BrSH August 06, 2009
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