(also bell end brie, helmetdale)
the smelly dirty shit found under the foreskin of tramps and other scum
"...that guy been in that room for weeks. I bet hes fulla knobcheese..."
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
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1.small or large lumps of smelly cheesy shit around the bell end caused by not washing many different varieties ranging from cheddar to stilton.
2.A diss to someone if they smell or u dont like them.

1.lauren(ginger)"whats that around ur nob?"
chrisirving"ohh dw about that its knob cheese ill have it in a sandwich later."
lauren(ginger)"ok ill have some too."

2.calum "adam u want me to anal cavity u?"
adam"no u batty boy ure a knob cheese"
calum"relax honky i was joking"
by ajay m August 03, 2006
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The yellow creamy stuff that builds up around ur cock when u carry on wanking without cleaning
via giphy
by Moshpit gang January 27, 2020
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1: This 'cheese' stuff that's under your knob if you're a lazy prick and don't shower

2: Derogatory, used when someone is being a dumbass or just to put someone down.
by Camwin February 16, 2005
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What? No VIZ readers posting to this site?
Knobcheese = smegma
If you don't know what that is, visit a REAL dictionary, you bell-end fuckwit.
I'm hungry - is there anything to eat?

by notapaki August 10, 2003
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Way of calling someone a prick, or an asshole. Refers to the stuff under a guys foreskin
Jamie is being such a knobcheese today
by BabyDizz May 01, 2005
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