When you don't have an ankle so it goes from knee to ankle to foot.
That girl needs to lay off teh McDonalds she has knackles.
by Scottcay July 30, 2008
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Someone that is very annoying and doesn't realize it, which only adds to there annoyingness
"that guy won't stop singing Don't Stop Believing."

"He thinks he's so great, it is SO ANNOYING!"

"I know, he's such a knackle!"
by scis_me_fosho February 03, 2010
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Substitution for the name of the chemical make up of salt (NaCL). To be in a bad mood. See also "NACL"
"Why are you so knackle, we only lost a game of CSGO?"
by theBACON666 May 18, 2016
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