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A charter school part of KMHS.

The school is for "The arts". Which seems cool to people who actually enjoy the arts, but lets face it. The chances of a student attending become a famous artist/writer/actor/singer?? Like one in a billion. Congrats, you just wasted some of the most important years of your life on a hobby.

Now for the people. 90% of them have colored hair, and when you're walking through the KM hallways and see someone with bright pink hair, u know. Many of them have different sexualities, but that's ok no judgement needed. There are also many people who consider themselves the opposite gender, but whatever. Then there's the select few that don't consider themselves a gender, or have some crazy made up sexualities. Listen, I'll respect your gender & sexuality, but if you tell me you're "Non-Binary" or some shit like that, I'm probably gonna walk away.

As far as the teachers, they're ok. The classes are usually normal, besides the fact that most of the students are behind. Some work hard, truly they do, but others, eh.They might graduate. But that's not my problem. They also have seminars, but some seminars focused around memes. Yes, you read that right. MEMES. Not sure how this is gonna help when ur trying to get into college, but who knows. Maybe some admission representative at some far away college is going to look at a transcript and say, "Woah this person took a class on memes? Give them a full ride scholarship!" Doubtful, but who knows.
Did you see that kid with green hair?
- Yeah, must be from km perform
by sillysillysillgirl123 June 17, 2017
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