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(Adjective/Verb) (Origin-University of Pittsburgh 2007-08 Academic Year)

1. (Adj.) Being so drunk that one has no control of bodily functions, but one still poses the ability and intent to consume alcohol. Also one is still able to induce laughter in observers for long periods of time without causing annoyance or anger.*

2. (Adj.) Being so drunk that one is completely unable to think for themselves and is at the mercy of their care takers.*

3. (V.) The act of becoming any of the adjective forms.*

*Listed above are the most common uses. Many more forms of klickfaced can exist and will be created-please do not limit your use of the word to the two aforementioned situations. Whenever klickfaced feels appropriate to the user in relation to the consumption of an alcoholic beverage it is appropriate.
1. "He is so klickfaced right now it's absolutely unbelievable!"

2. Person 1-"I ... have ... to...uh ... what ... uh (points at genitals) ... pea."
Person 2-"O.k. let's go to the bathroom then."
Person 1-"I'll ... ."

3. A Small Group of Close Nit Friends-"Let's get klickfaced tonight!"
by Ryan William French February 13, 2008
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