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1. A situation so confusing and chaotic that the American-English "cluster fuck," is not adequate to describe it. The German compound word is used to create a deep and profound sense of cluster fuck.


1945; < Nazi Germany - in the closing months of WWII, the German forces described their situation as klausterfokken, a Germanization of the American soldier's use of the phrase "cluster fuck."
"When the American Republican Party nominated a presidential candidate who was later found to be homosexual, the national conservative political scene could only be described as klausterfokken."
by pclick January 27, 2012
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adj. Another way of saying "clusterfuck"; describes a multitude of calamities/fuck-ups.

Contrary to popular belief, "klausterfokken" is not a real German word.
Steven Colbert (on if Gingrich won the presidency): "Yes, there is no English word for that kind of melt down. The closest is the German "Klausterfokken". Now... compound word klauster-fokken. Foo-ken, Foo-ken."
by mexicanfoodistooethnicforme February 05, 2012
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