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awesome guy. loves everything whats beautiful and cool. everything what does comes out perfect. love beer and long sleep. name comes from the name of roman Cesar. very powerful and persuasive and sexy
klaudiusz cesar
by claudiusz November 22, 2009
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An absolute wasteman who thinks he’s hard meanwhile he goes around stalking little girls, puts his faggoty hands in between their clits, licks off the peeling flakes from his mothers dried pussy and gives his cat head. He’s always horny and masturbates under tables. He is the father to aleast 70 women because he uses a sock as a condom. Klaudiusz has a smol Peepee.
“Do you see that gay guy klaudiusz over there, apparently his grandma gave him head”

“Yeah it’s true, he’s such a pedophile that he even owns a van. yesterday, he told me that he put his boney ass finger in his brothers booty hole and licked out Nutella from inside.

Klaudiusz is a disappointment to his family and the whole of humanity, why did his mum not give him an abortion?”
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by pussy-smeller August 31, 2019
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