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Klangerdoodle is where a mans phallus has ceased to work, in all sexual functions (rendering the mans phallus not erect) for any amount of time. Often occurs amount men over the age of seventy, klangerdoodle was a word coined by the Vikings of Scandinavia, and most likely because the cold weather would cause the viking's phallus to be absorbed by the body, leaving a small amount of phallus coating (skin). When a mans phallus has either "done a klangerdoodle" or has "klangerdoodled", his penis ceases to become erect, and can only get a semi-coed (and still perform sexual intercourse). Klangerdoodle is a known disease as well, but is more commonly referred to "erectile dysfunction", but klangerdoodle is its latin and medical name. Females cannot catch, transmit, or emit klangerdoodle, and are immune from all forms of klangerdoodle.
My dick has done a klangerdoodle.

Damn it, it's klangerdoodled!

Has your penis klangerdoodled yet?
by Von Ballcrusher October 07, 2013
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