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My daddy
1. Plays Archie Andrews on riverdale
2. Can choke me anytime anywhere
3. If he stabbed me I'd thank him
4. Daddy af
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by Riverjared February 15, 2017
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A fit New Zealand actor who has the most adorable face and hot body. He plays Archie Andrews on Riverdale and has a good American accent
Oh my gosh did you see KJ Apa?
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by T-RampHater October 27, 2018
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The guy known for his abs and also for playing Archie Andrews
Person 1-Name a guy with the best abs
Person 2- Kj apa duh!
by Popschocklit November 18, 2018
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the most beautiful man alive. plays Archie Andrews on the hit CW show Riverdale. he has the cutest little laugh and always laughs at himself in his instagram stories
Person 1: Hey man, did you see Riverdale last night?
Person 2: Yea! Kj Apa looked mighty fine!
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by mrskjapa March 19, 2019
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Plays Archie Adams in CWs Riverdale. Plays teenage Ethan in a Dogs Purpose. Should date someone by the name of Adriana
kj apa is daddy
by kjisdaddy March 07, 2017
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