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a pretty girl, a nasth freak, she's goofy & stupid! Her friends are always putting her name in something ( most of it she put herself in it ) but she's a very funny, kind, girl
person #1: " hey, I like her "

person #2: " ugh, she's a Kiyonna "
by Prettypeppers March 13, 2017
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She is this greatest human ever to walk the planet. Cuter than MArtin Freeman, more intelligent than Sherlock Holmes, she deserves a BAFTA for her stunning sense of humor, award worthy good looks, the softest flesh ever known to man. She is the perfect person to fangirl with things about and has a great tumblr. She has a profound love for shoulder blades and collar bones and boys who are scrawny as fuck (i.e. Colin Morgan, Ben Whishaw). She has an amazing sense of style and is very creative and makes lots of neat stuff. She is loyal, caring and kind and a RAVENCLAW. She is also known to have the perfect booty.
Everyone knows who she is so an example is unnecessary. FINE Ki'yonna
by Chickenlover4444 September 06, 2017
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Ki'Yonna is a beautiful girl who loves to cook and she is fantastic at math. She is bad at relationships. Older girls want to be her and boys want date her
Girl1:Did you see what Ki'Yonna had on yesterday.

Girl2: Yeah I just bought the same outfit today to look just like her.
by Pretty Ki August 24, 2017
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