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What a mommy does to their child when they have a booboo, this can be embarrassing for them if their friends are watching, and they are 17+.
Mom: "Aww, baby fell off de ramp on his skatey watey board, he gotta kissy booboo. Let mommy kiss it better baby."
Friend 1:Dude, you still get kissy booboos! You dork
Friend 2:Your fat mom will kiss it better. *laughs*
Steve: Don't you say that about my mommy
Friend 1: Mommy? What are you, 8?
Steve: I'm telling my mommy on you
Mom:baby need his diaper changed?
Steve: The potty is scawy.
Mom: Hello Baby, are these your friends?
Friend 1: Yeah,HAHA
Mom: Would you boys like to have a play date?
Friends: *smirk* Sure, HAHA!
Mom: Well, Stevey needs a nap around 1pm and his beddie buyes around 3:15 but he could have a late night,3:30pm.
Steve: Yay
Mom: But he gets cranky if he has a late night...
Steve: No mommy, wah! *kicks the air*
Mom: AWW no, Stevie is having a tantrum,guess baby can stAy up a little later...
Steve: I go?
Mom: OK
Friend2: Come on let's go.
Steve: Where go?
Friend 1: town
Steve: To mommy and meΒ©? NO STUPID TO L8R Sk8erΒ©
Steve: Big boy shop?
Friend 2: What a dork!
Friend 2: Look theirs Stacey
Friend 1: Oh no! Stacey will see HIM!
Friend 2: I know! *Throws into mommy and meΒ©*
Friend 1: Hey Stacey, you look hot.
Stacey: WIERDO!
Friend2: Chill darling, we just kiss ya.
Stacey: Never! *Runs away, Bumps into Steve*
Steve: Hello
Stacey: I'm Stacey, wanna go get a soda?
Friend 2: Kissy booboo boy got Stacey!
by Batman_and_me March 01, 2014
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