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Kireeth is an Indian name, and oh man can they bring the heat like curry. Kireeth is the slickest man you'll ever meet. There aren't many out there so if you find one don't let him go. Kireeth's are usually dark and tall (and I'm it talking about height). Kireeth's have many talents such as music, sports, and smarts. Kireeth's may not look like much, but man can they get girls. God may not give with two hands, but in the case of kireeth's, he gives with three.
Kendall: Hey Kendall do you know that Kireeth kid?
Brittany: Yea. He's so cool!
Kendall: Really? He doesn't seem like it.

Brittany: You just wait and see ;)
by Marks.2323 March 29, 2017
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