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Kingston is a town in Canada. Its inhabitants are some of the finest people in the world including, Meth heads, University students who will kindly accept you if you are rich, outgoing, white and athletic, Judgemental soccer moms, Hipsters, Boomers who refuse to retire and much more! Some of the amazing attractions include a fort that was never used in battle, An empty prison where Canada's most notorious serial rapist and killer Paul Bernardo used to live, and Queens University, an overall top ten university (In Canada) with no English department who prides themselves in their annual racist Halloween parties. Kingston also has a vibrant downtown area that contains stores with over priced tourist souvenirs, Clothing, Shoes and Restaurants that have the look of a 5 star place but the food quality of a Boston pizza.
You are moving to Kingston (Ontario)? Youll be fine there, Kingstonians are super accepting and open as long as you have had a family there for 6 generations or more, are wealthy, White, Good looking, And fit the mold.
by limbin September 03, 2017
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