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see: Hillbilly

This is a customized version of the word Hillbilly, but used in reference to the people living/born in Kingston, Jamaica.

A Kingbilly is one who is so closed-minded, backward and antiquated in thought/ideas in general that they border on 'being dim'.

The word is generally used in insulting terms, as to refer to a person as unsophisticated and backwards, or to say you come from the 'ghetto/poor/country' areas.
"Jack is living in the 60s or something, he's such a damn kingbilly"
"How can a black person not like black people? What a fu%^ing kingbilly"
"Wow, Jen is definately nowhere near bright, she's a border kingbilly"
"You ARE NOT coming with me to ClubZ looking like a kingbilly"
"You live in Tivoli? You're practically a kingbilly"
by Neoprimal November 02, 2005
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