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The guy who, in online games, not only is a noob but runs his mouth and calls others noobs. Generates large amounts of satisfaction during end game reviews, where opponents are left with an imperative to mock him - not only as a noob, but as a king noob.
That guy in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars who flies around in a Tormentor all day, or parks the Desecrator in the hanger on Valley and camps hardcore.

"You're all noobs, especially you, "m@sterkill3r"! You're not just a fxcking noob, you are the KING NOOB!"
by CheBourgeoisNoir December 27, 2007
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king of the noobs, doesnt mean he isnt a noob. just means he is in charge of the noobs.

can also be because he is the most noob of them all
"improve was the worst noob in the game, he was kingnoob"
by improve October 22, 2017
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A lemming. A whiner, who stole our drake :'( . - UKSA.
"Your all twats, fuck you all, I'm keeping this drake, Mwahahah!!1!!" - Kingnoob
by seem February 07, 2008
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