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A social retard who is born with a mental condition that makes them have to work a million times harder to be able to simple things such as communicate and keep up with group conversations. They also find it hard to understand simple instructions.
For example if kineil was asked to go to the shop for 4 pints of milk then it is likely that he will return with just 1 pint of milk.
Person 1 : "Did you guys hear about that guy that died while he was planking in Australia?"

Person 2 : "Yeah, I heard he fell off a balcony"

Person 3 : "Thats fucking crazy man"

10 minutes after the conversation took place;

Kineil Wardop : "Did anyone hear about that guy that died when he was planking?"

Persons 1,2 and 3 : "Awright kineil!"
by KiNEIL December 02, 2011
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