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A term used to describe the pairing of South Korea and America from the anime/webcomic/manga Hetalia Axis Powers. It is also used by fans of the series to describe people who are Korean-Americans. The word comes from combining kimchi, a popular Korean dish, and hamburger, a very popular American dish.
(Hetalia is something of a political spoof anime, in which the countries of the world are personified by very offensive stereotypes. For example, South Korea is obsessed with Dramas and claims that everything originated from him, while America is obsessed with hamburgers and is the self-proclaimed 'hero'.)
'This is my first Korea/America fic, because the pairing needs more love! Kimchiburger FTW!'

'My parents are Korean, but I was born in America. Kimchiburger!'
by natcat5 August 24, 2010
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