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Kikenomics is a combination of the the word "kike" and the word "economics". The word "kikenomics" is used to describe jewish tactics to persuade someone.
Joe: Our forefathers were Luciferian Freemasons and they founded this country.

Steve: Yes, originally the Freemasons wouldn't even allow jews to become Freemasons, but you know how kikes are, they infest anything they can get their hands on. They built their own "Masonic-looking" secret society known as the Illuminati, which became the reason the Freemasons and its original purpose has been destroyed and the jews kept the Satanic looking symbolism to keep people invested in their own programs of suicide like Christianity.

Joe: Wow, that's some intense kikenomics.
by Dr.Knowitall88 July 23, 2011
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