1. something too easy for an adult or any experienced person

2. activity that is not appropriate for an adult
That game is kid stuff.
by The Return of Light Joker November 20, 2007
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My friend is on probabtion, cuz he got caught trading kid stuff on the net.
by Joey Bishop March 8, 2004
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Some stupid, indoctranating channel on YouTube that makes Jake Paul's channel look good by comparison. This channel teaches 5 year olds that gay is the ONLY way to be. Must be avoided at all costs
Queer Kid Stuff is to be avoided by the plague
by Adam buckley May 4, 2018
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Let' do these drugs.
Hey man, I just went down to the getting store, so lets go do this big kid stuff.
by Kitty3vil September 6, 2010
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Stuff big kids do. like teenagers. Which would be have sex, make out, get high and wasted.
Guy: Wanna do some big kid stuff?;)
Girl: sure, yolo..;)
by Smd biotch November 24, 2013
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