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To say something (usually a reference to something personal; a weak point; sensitive, vulnerable & unprepared to be targeted) that is unethical & unnecessary, for the purpose of being offensively humorous, to make a point, scold & discipline someone or to gain the upper hand in conversation.

To kick low is to kick the balls. So essentially, kicking low is a metaphoric cheap shot, which is primarily verbal.

Using this kind of manipulation usually results in growing trust issues. For it makes the victim of kicking low hesitant to share information, particularly that which is sensitive, emotional & personal, in fear it will be used against them to ridicule them & manipulate them. Excessive use of this manipulation is considered abusive.
Bébé (responding to an image): A QT autistic anime loving gamer Muslim
Bébé (being a troll): That is completely Haram
Moi (being a muslim): no its not >:C
Bébé: Well
Bébé: Self harm is surely
Moi (having had an emotional moment that resulted in self harm the other day): (takes a heavy breath in) Kicking low are we
by Killossal September 12, 2017
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