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The worst place to be kicked. Its just pure humiliation.
I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth - Alice In Chains

-kick in the teeth-
by alicenchainz April 20, 2006
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(kickimus maximus) One of the #h3lp creators, this animal enjoys frollicking in the chatroom, and being as nice as humanly possible to any other animal he may come in contact with, when alcohol is introduced into this species diet, it has some strange effects, these include kicking, oping when provoked. a truely strange creature.
i-pixel: hello kick
kickintheteeth: i r spaz.
i-pixel: :#1:
*Kickintheteeth has made megamanballbag an op
*kickintheteeth has demoted bmx3ry
*kickintheteeth has demoted i-pixel
*kickintheteeth has demoted simgfx
by i-pixel January 30, 2005
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