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kialas are very beautiful. they get alongg with everyone and are very fun to be around. you always want to stay on their good side. Kialas love to chase boys! they love everyonee and they are very loveable. Kialas are amazing athletes and the best ones are brown hair and green eyes. they have great taste in EVERYTHING!! their friends come to them for anythingg!! Kialas love giving advice and helping everyone. They arent veryy artisitic but they definately try.:
Friend: did you see that boy over there?

Kiala: haha are you really asking that question? OF COURSE I DID!
by softball24 November 29, 2009
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Kiala is a beautiful intelligent person.

She is artistic
She is shy and not very smart but she is smart in her way. She hates when people talk to her best friend expect if their her friends to. If she hates someone she won’t fight she would just talk about her behind their back. Kiala is very sweet but also sassy and is not mean but can be mean XD. The best kind are brown hair and brown eyes.
β€œHey you are ugly kiala!” Leticia said
Kiala walks away to tell her friend and tell them to give them a piece of their mind
by Aliens.are.realπŸ˜‚ January 07, 2019
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She's a small lady but a fierce one nonetheless.
She usually has some psychotic issues but she's intelligent and doesn't let it stop her.

Small in stature but most likely will ruin your entire life in one move if you fuck with her.

Very artistic

Kind but assertive
Thug to the bone
"dude, kiala is basically Fergie and Jesus mixed together with diamonds for ice"
by Kilife June 13, 2018
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Kiala's are very beautiful, generous, humble, and real ass friends. Kiala's keep their circle(group of friends) small because they don't tolerate snakes or fake friends. Kiala's don't gaf what people think about them because at the end of the day if somebody come at her wrong there ain't no talking they just wanna fight.Kiala's never be in drama because they don't need to be, kiala's are cool people to be around and everybody loves her vibe so if you want a real, true,humbel, and non conceited friend get a kiala PERIOD
Kiala your such a good friend and great listener , I love your vibe.
by kiala kiala kiala January 01, 2020
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