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A beautiful little girl. Has a great personality and has an amazing imagination.

They are blonde with blue eyes and are very skinny and tall.

They have a gorgeous smile and a cute small.

They are not a daddy's nor mommy a girl they are an aunties little girl and will always be.

If you win her heart keep it. If you break her heart you better watch out for her crazy auntie bc she will come after you and will her you back. So watch out. Her daddy is very over protective and a little strict. Her mommy is beautiful and loves khyanne and her sister so much.

Don't mess with the family or they will mess with you back.

Khyanne is always tough to fight back. But she doesn't throw a punch first.

She is lady like but is also and very awesome tomeboy

Remember you break her heart and I will break every bone in you body
I'm breaking up with you khyanne
*the boy that broke her heart ended up in the hospital with three broken bones and is going to get hurt more if he try's to get her back*
by Worst nightmare (auntie) February 05, 2017
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