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Khaylens are rare. They are usually white but have a dark sense of humor. But Khyalens are the one person you can count on for just about anything.

She will usually have a great sense of humor and are very compassionate. If you have a khaylen as your significant other. KEEP HER! She will always know the right thing to say in any situation. She may come off a little too overbarring and cocky but once you take your time and get to see past her outside shell, you will learn that she is beautiful and her confidence is a part of that. Her personality is just stunning!! A khaylen is a keeper. Whether it be friend or significant other, don’t let her go!
P1:I just met this girl named Khaylen, do you know her?
P2: yeah she’s great and funny and amazing and just ... well yeah I know her
P1: wow I guess u do
P2: yeah I found myself years ago
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by Juliobeee January 07, 2018
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