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a man of great stature and incredibly sexy. often seen around with people of less stature with a guitar on his back and a smile on his face.
"look, its khaleel. mint."
by Darylee Rhodes October 12, 2008
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A man that is trustworthy and loyal to everyone he will do anything for his loved ones. He loves his friends, Family, and especially his wife or girlfriend. He has a enormous dick and all the girls love it.
All the lady's love to fuck Khaleel because of his big dick
by Iendksbsksnskak January 14, 2018
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Usually a visually gay appearing individual who jumps at the chance of snorting and chuckling during classes. He is a fake Muslim who changes his name because he's afraid that white kids are going to beat him up. He changed his name to Kyle yet he still gets roasted every single day by not only the students but by teachers as well. Rayquan made a disstrack about him as well. He is so damn annoying that people want to commit suicide when they are in his class. His only friends are lesbians who think he's gay.
Nigga #1: Did u hear Rayquan's latest disstrack called Khaleel?

Nigga #2: Ya, in in the end he was like, "my name my name my name is Kyle and I fail all my classes with a smile!"
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by Verykewlman April 04, 2017
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