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Cheap beer, 5.9 percent alcohol volume
Rick}Dude, last night I drank 6 Keystones and was waisted.

Douche BagDude, you're a pussy.

RickKeystone Ice

Douche BagAhh
by Egolistick November 18, 2004
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Cheap 5.9 percent alcohol beer that poor college students and frat boys drink. However it tastes better than other ice beers like natty ice and even bud ice to some.
Ted: I ended up fucking Terry last night.

Casey: Oh god that mess. Whyyyy
Ted: I had like 8 keystone ices last night.
Casey: Ahh, that explains. That's still disgusting though.
Ted: ....I know
by lxatu August 16, 2010
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